We are marketing management specialists for serviced-based business strategy, lead generation, social media campaigns, SEO-driven blog writing, and email marketing/ automation.

It is our mission to see marketing do what it’s supposed to do for your business – help you grow and achieve your goals.


The Founder

Marketing Management Specialist, Podcaster and Writer, Fiona McEachran, is passionate about working with digital-marketing-focused businesses, helping them plan and implement the latest marketing strategies.

Since first working in marketing at Learning Curve in 2004, she realised that she loved Marketing and what it can do.

She has been executing plans and strategies, running campaigns, driving leads, and creating and writing helpful content to help grow communities…

and the results have been outstanding.


She can work with your business, as your dedicated part-time Marketing Manager, providing the Marketing Services that your business needs to grow, to create a niche for your business where other businesses cannot compete.

The Team

Managed by the Marketing Manager and Strategist, various team members come together at FMC Media to create your content:

  • Social Media Experts
  • Writers/ Bloggers/ Copywriters
  • Graphic Designers

We also have contacts who can help you with services like Video Marketing and Web Design.

You should probably know WE…

  • value long-term relationships.
  • are location independent.
  • want you to gain customers for life, that drive repeat business and are advocates of your brand.
  • value creativity – we understand that it is a crowded marketplace out there, and coming up with fresh ideas and unique angles to get your customer’s attention is paramount.
  • value risk-taking – The most successful businesses in the world, are also the ones who have taken the biggest risks. It’s important to be prepared to try different techniques, strategies and campaigns.

Our Manifesto

Actively market your beliefs and values, as well as your services – you will stimulate loyalty. Use social media, even if you personally don’t like it. Value your team – every staff member can market your business. Give quality, not just quantity. Listen, more than you talk. Track everything, and stop what’s not working. Give and give some more, before you receive. Admit any mistakes – honesty in social marketing is honourable. Take risks. Be passionate. Know your market inside and out. Communicate simply and clearly. Inspire others. Know your brand. Grow, succeed and make a difference. Together, we can achieve more. Let’s do it.

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