We’re a Results-Driven Agency

FMC media is a distributed content and social media marketing agency, hailing from Sydney, Australia, and we offer tried-and-tested packages that generate results.

Creating content and social campaigns that engage your ideal customer, boost your SEO and drive brand awareness.

We have worked with growth-focussed businesses in the service sector since 2010, helping them plan and implement content and social media marketing strategies.

FMC media has been creating and writing helpful content to help grow communities around the core service, and the results have been outstanding.

Our Values


We live in ever-changing times, and we value our ability to bend and adapt in our work and our lives.


It's a crowded marketplace, so we coming up with fresh ideas to get your customer’s attention is paramount.


We believe in taking chances. It’s important to be prepared to try different techniques, strategies and campaigns.


We are obsessive learners and readers, who love tech, adventure and believe more in delivering great results, rather than watching the clock.


Finding the right balance, can be a roller-coaster, yet we continue to strive in our work and in our personal lives .


We are all responsible for delivering when we say we will deliver. We will always put our hand up, when we need to.

Who we work with

We work with busy teams who are looking to scale their brand through content marketing and social media.

Our most successful engagements are with clients who have nailed one of their direct acquisition channels like paid media or outbound sales, and are looking to expand their brand on top of that success.

Our Manifesto

Actively market your beliefs and values, as well as your services – you will stimulate loyalty. Use social media, even if you personally don’t like it. Value your team – every staff member can market your business. Give quality, not just quantity. Listen, more than you talk. Track everything, and stop what’s not working. Give and give some more, before you receive. Admit any mistakes – honesty in social marketing is honourable. Take risks. Be passionate. Know your market inside and out. Communicate simply and clearly. Inspire others. Know your brand. Grow, succeed and make a difference. Together, we can achieve more. Let’s do it.

Experts in the world-leading content marketing and social media advertising tools.