How Content Marketing Fits In With Other Real Estate Agency Marketing


Marketing plays such a massive role in any business, that you might be wondering where Content Marketing fits in to your existing marketing plan?

There is much debate online as to whether content marketing is a strategy, a channel or a tactic, and how it should fit in with the rest of your marketing.

At FMC Media, Content Marketing is a strategy
which should influence decisions made about how your business behaves, the campaigns you run and tactics you implement in all your marketing channels.

Let’s discuss an example:

Let’s say your real estate business is keen to build a community around property investors, and this is the goal of your content marketing.

This goal will need to be integrated in all your marketing channels to truly gain traction.

So if your existing marketing includes:

  • letterbox drops
  • property portal advertising
  • social media (ads and community building)
  • Google Adwords

…then you need to make sure your content marketing aligns.


Content Marketing doesn’t need to be delivered through every channel, especially if you do not have unlimited resources.  So it is a matter of prioritizing where you can best reach your target market.

When it comes to implementing Content Marketing successfully, it means delivering the same message and meaning in all the content you produce, no matter which channel.

Letterbox Advertising

letterbox marketing

If you are doing letterbox drops to attract new vendors or landlords, then it should not be the standard messaging that sounds like everyone else and doesn’t match your goal of creating a community around investors.

For example – “Are you looking to sell your home?” is the stock-standard messaging. This is the question that you ask to a prospect at the bottom of the marketing funnel.

You would be much better off delivering a message that makes potential prospects want to start a conversation with you, like –

“Interested in how your biggest investment is performing?
Contact us for the latest house price data and market projections report”.

This is just one example of how you can sound more like an authority in the market, than just a desperate real estate agent.

Then you can integrate any enquiries you receive from the letterbox drop into your community, even though they may be at the top of the marketing funnel, and not quite ready to sell or change rental agent.

If you start engaging them with the content that they like, this dramatically increases the chance of them choosing you when they need an agent.