Key Takeaways: SEMrush State of Content Marketing 2019

Published by Fiona McEachran on

450,000+ tweets, 700,000+ blog posts, 1,200+ marketers. That’s the amount of data analysed by SEMrush in their 62 page annual global report that shows just how much is going on around Content Marketing in 2019.

The topic of Content Marketing may be “hot stuff” at the moment, but it is not as simple and straight-forward to execute on as many marketers already know. This is because this popular marketing tactic cannot live in isolation.

The report clearly demonstrated that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing are entwined with Content Marketing. All these tactics have to work together strategically to achieve your overall content marketing goals.

There are a huge number of insights, and these can help guide your content strategy decisions into 2020 and beyond.

Here are my biggest takeaways…

Your Industry Matters

One thing is clear, the industry you are in should be considered when mapping your content strategy. The report showed some stark variances in traffic to industry blogs by:

  • Device – whether the content is view on a desktop vs mobile
  • Source – depending on the traffic being direct, referral, social, paid, search
  • Word count – the length of the content
  • Article type – the type of article content – a Guide, How to, Questions, Lists, etc…

For example, the Marketing Industry received 8.29% of traffic through “Referrals”, however the Real Estate Industry received 15.3% of traffic. This means that the Real Estate Industry tends to receive more traffic from sources outside of search engines, so your content strategy could need further research into those other sources.

And those in the Travel Industry are finding more success with longer word count blog articles versus the Automotive Industry that indicate shorter word counts. This may also impact how your content is planned and executed.

Being aware of industry differences and staying on top of industry trends in content marketing will continue to be important.

Social Media Is Still Powerful

After “Strategy”, “Social Media” is the second most popular topic discussed alongside “Content Marketing”. And for good reason. Social Media is the preferred content distribution channel because it is where people are still spending most of their time.

Even though most content is still found via search engines like Google, social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are proving to be engaging platforms where you can promote your content to get more awareness and traction.

Another insight confirmed that visual content has shown to make the biggest impact on Twitter with nearly 70% of all tweets posted with a visual cue – image, infographic, video or GIF. This shows the importance of using the right visuals with your content, to get your audience to notice and take action.

Content Marketing Investment Will Grow

Around 1,200 Marketers were surveyed, with 91% of Marketers using content marketing, and 77% with a content marketing strategy, it is clear that this tactic will remain a bit part of marketing plans in the future.

Success of Content Marketing is being measured through increases in organic website traffic, number of leads generated and website sessions or pageviews. And the Goals for 2020 will be focusing on Generating more quality leads as well as Attracting more traffic to the website, with the hope of likely adding more prospects to the funnel.

The one thing missing from this report is timeframes. A lot of Marketers underestimate the time it takes to execute an effective content marketing strategy.

We are working in impatient times, so it is important that Marketers understand that great content marketing may take 6 to 12 months to really move the needle on leads and/or website traffic.

Clearly content marketing as a tactic has been performing well enough that it is in upcoming marketing budgets and it is hardly surprising that most Marketers will be retaining or increasing their spend on content in 2020.

Ultimately, there are such huge benefits to investing in content marketing, that it seems like a no-brainer for Marketers to double-down.

Content Marketing done correctly and strategically can boost your website and blog SEO, give you a platform to showcase your thought-leadership in your industry and field, differentiate from your competitors, as well as provide fuel for your prospects and customers to share on social media.

The State of Content Marketing is looking good for 2020.

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