Set Your Real Estate Content Marketing Goals For 2017

Real Estate Content Marketing Goals

If you look online for content marketing advice, there is plenty available. There are articles telling you to write more, post more photos, and create more videos. So where do you begin? As I always ask, it depends what you are trying to accomplish?

There tends to be a range of goals that you can choose from, depending on where in the funnel you are looking to boost your numbers.

So come on agents, what are you doing in 2017?

Increase Awareness

What percentage of your target market knows about you?

This is the top of the funnel, and the first place that your customer journey begins. It’s a good idea to have a sense of the number of people in your target market that are aware of you or know about you. These people are not in the property journey yet.

Some marketers suggest that these people already have the problem, but I like to think that these people don’t have a real estate problem yet – needing to sell, needing to buy, needing to rent, needing management.

People do business with people they know, like and trust, and first impressions still matter. So how is your target market hearing about you for the first time? Are they “liking” you on Facebook? Reading your blog? Joining your newsletter? Watching your video?

What goals do you have at this level? Very few agents have any goals at this level, mostly because this is the long-term level.

Increase Engagement

What percentage of your target market is talking to you?

This is the next stage in the funnel. Once people know about you, are they talking to you? Or engaging with you? Sharing your content? Posting a comment? Forwarding to a friend?

When potential prospects start engaging with your content it is an excellent sign that they are starting to like you.

Do you have goals at this level? Only alongside awareness goals, can you also have engagement goals.

Increase Leads

What percentage of your target market that knows about you, enquires for your services?

This is where most real estate agents live, trying to drive their target market into the lower, more narrow part of the funnel. This is the hardest part of the funnel to introduce yourself to your target market, as usually at this level you have A LOT of competition.

Instead of being the agent they call for that valuation or management appraisal, you are ONE OF THREE…. most likely. It’s not fun to play at this level, as you usually have to hard sell yourself each time.

Yes is it still very important to set goals at this level. This is the point where your target market definitely has a problem and they start evaluating solutions. They struggle to differentiate you from other agents. A lot of customers use the typical benchmarks to do this – what is your price? why should I choose you?

That’s not to say that you cannot operate well and achieve your goals at this level. It just is slightly more work.

Increase Sales

What percentage of your target market that enquires with you, buys from you?

This is the other part of the funnel where most agents live, trying to convert those warm and hot leads into sales.

Yes, having clear goals to increase sales is vital to any agency with plans to increase revenue, or any agent looking to increase their earnings.

At this stage in the funnel, your prospects have the usual set questions and it is paramount you address these concerns. So your agency needs to be providing content at this level as well. They are also seeking confirmation from their peers or online groups, to get that extra verification that you are the right agent to go with.

If these prospects have entered the funnel at the awareness stage, where you provided an enlightening or helpful piece of content, there is a higher chance of them converting more easily at this stage. Otherwise, they have much less information to go on, and have to rely on the information you provided at your pitch.

Increase Referrals

What percentage of your customer base or target market is referring you business?

It is often a sign that someone has “made it” when they say – “All my business now just comes from referrals”. This is a great place to be, as it means that many people in your target market really know, like and trust you enough to suggest your services to a friend in need.

There are many things you can do at the other side of the funnel to ensure those customers continue to be nurtured in your content community.

You content must firstly reinforce your customers decision. After they have gone ahead with you and signed the agreement, you really want them to feel confident in their decision, and to reduce “buyer’s remorse” as much as possible.

Then you need to have content that re-affirms to them that they made the right decision while you are serving them. Lastly when the transaction is completed, you need to capture their feedback, and then continue to keep in touch with them, so they can refer you or come back to you when they have a real estate need again.

Build Community

What percentage of your target market is in your community?

This is my favourite goal, as it is the goal to rule all goals. Agents who are in it for the long haul, and are willing to put in the work and do what it takes, are going to really benefit from working towards building a great community.

Building a community, using content marketing at all the funnel stages, as well as providing an outstanding service, will provide the best results for the medium to long term future.

Who is your community for? Who are you serving? How can you best serve them?

Once you know the answers to these questions, then you are ready to map out an awesome content marketing plan for your future.

Content Marketing Goals

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