Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Advertising

At FMC Media, we offer Social Media Marketing services that are targeted and results-driven.

Organic reach on social media channels is in a dire situation.

Just because someone follows you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram does not automatically ensure that they see your posts, updates or offers anymore.

The only way to get your followers and target market’s attention is to run paid campaigns.

We recommend running campaigns for at least 10 days to drive engagement and traffic from your content.

Facebook’s algorithm actually takes 3 days to see the most accurate results, so that leaves 7 days to optimise and decide if the campaign should run further.

LinkedIn Ads should also be run for at least 10 days to see reliable results. We suggest a budget of at least AUD$100 per campaign to see any traction.

Ideas for campaigns we can run

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Powerful Stats

Billion currently using social media
1 %
use social media when making purchasing decisions
1 %
follow brands to learn about new products or services

Getting Started

Our Process


We get to know each other and we set the goal posts. We create a plan, calendar, and more. This usually takes 4-6 weeks.


We audit or set up your social media profiles. We make sure your Facebook Pixel or LinkedIn Tracking is in place. We start posting, advertising and engaging.


We compile your reports with insights key data. We start modifying and optimising.

Package Inclusions


We nail this first, just to make sure we are pointing your social in the right direction.

The starting point is setting clear goals, and we define what success looks like.

Lean Personas & Journey Mapping​

If you have worked with a big agency or in a big corporate, you will know that developing Buyer Personas and mapping the Buyer Journey can take a big chunk of time. We have a lean version, which can be updated as we go.

Social Media Audit

If you have existing social networks, we will perform a quick audit, just to make sure they align with your goals and personas.

If you are new to social media, we skip this.

Voice and Tone Audit

Your brand has its own personality…. it’s own voice and tone that should connect with your best customers. We will frame up this voice, and ensure it stays consistent.

Competitor Research

We check out your nearest and dearest competitors to see what they are up to…

What is working for them? And what is not?

Social Media Calendar

Part of the planning, is knowing when to publish. We will schedule this out to ensure your social posts and ad campaigns are consistent and on time.

Photos/ Stock Images

Ideally, we would like to use photos you have taken – of your customers (with permission), your team, your office, your work. If you do not have these, we can provide a small selection of stock images for campaigns.

Reply to Questions

If your audience asks questions on posts and campaigns, we will respond to these as best we can, or can liaise with your marketing person.

30 – 60 mins included

Social Media Posts

Depending on your package level, we will post 5 to 14 times a week on your network of choice.

We will post your blogs, your updates/ commentary, or 3rd party news and updates relevant to your adience.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Each package will have campaign budget to run a few campaigns. The type and quantity will depend on your goals and strategy.

Catch Up

Each month, we will jump online to have a quick catch up with your marketing person. We will look at the social media performance so far, as well as the updates and campaigns in your pipeline.


At the end of the second month, you will receive your first monthly report. This includes brief metrics that will be tracked each month to help you understand how your campaigns are performing.

Social Media Campaign Packages

We are your partner, working alongside you, crafting, scheduling and promoting your social media content.

Optional Add Ons

Our packages can be customised to your business needs.  We also can offer additional add ons:

  • Custom Professional Photography – let your social media content really stand out with a photoshoot in your office with a professional photographer. Geographical restrictions may apply. AUD$POA
  • Custom Professional Videography – show our your office, your team, chatting with customers, or your charity work with a professional videographer filming and editing a unique video for your business. Geographical restrictions may apply. AUD$POA
  • Blog Writing and Publishing – display your thought-leadership with helpful and engaging blog article content.
  • Pillar Page Pack – better than an eBook, this package gives you a blog pillar page, with 6 relevant sub-blogs attached. Amazing for SEO. AUD$3,000.
  • eBook/ Whitepaper – we can write, edit and design an eBook or Whitepaper to provide a helpful lead-gen resource for your target market. AUD$3,500.
  • Template Resource – we can write, edit and design a Template or Resource that you can offer your target market and help you stand out.
  • Additional Social Network – including 7 posts per week, and 1 x 10 day social media campaign. AUD$1,000. $250 ad spend extra.